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YT-0755 Tejido de malla de cojín de poliéster

Plazo de entrega: 20 días

Información básica

Modelo: YT-0755

Descripción del producto

Descripción del producto
Product Name Polyester cushion mesh fabric Item No. YT-0755
Technical Data Value Tolerance Test Method
Structural Characteristics    Polyester cushion mesh fabric
*Material composition 100% polyester
*Weight(Gm/m²) 370g/m² ±10g/m² GB/T 4669-2008
*Thickness 2.0mm ±0.3mm GB/T 3820-1997
*Width 140cm   GB/T 4666-2009
Additional tests    Polyester cushion mesh fabric
*Colourfastness to sweat 3-4   GB/T 3922-1995
*Colourfastness to rubbing(dry & west) 3-4   GB/T 3920-2008
Feature High breathability, Moistureproof, Antibiosis, Tear-resistant, Anti-static, Shrink-Resistant
Suitable for shoes / bags / sofa / cushion / mattress / toy / garment / hat / glove …
Features & Advantages     Polyester cushion mesh fabric
(1)Protecting the skin from the pollution of liquid and particulate, and making the skin permeable;
(2)Preventing the infection from bacterial and fungi effectively;
(3)Light texture, convenient to wash and sterilize, anti-static;
(4)good rebound elasticity, and providing Cushioning protection, easy to wash and quick drying;
(5)Containing less chemical finishing agents and fuels and no pollution , lower ignition point;
(6)Good fastness without delamination, comfortable;
(7)Good mechanical properties and chemical stability;
(8)Non-toxicity, moisture proof and mould proof, recyclable.

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Imágenes del Producto

* Mattresses, cushions, sofas, Janpan and South Korea sleeping mats, pillows and other household items, pillow class
* Car seat and other motorcycle accessories
* Chair cushion
* Motorcycle seat cover
* Outdoor work toolkit
* The helmet liner
* Stroller and so on

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Grupos de Producto : Tejidos de malla para bebé > Tejidos de punto de urdimbre de poliéster-poliamida

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